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Animations for Streamers and Gamers

Sometimes NexusDesigns get design requests from streamers and gamers. So we did a small collection of designs we made for our gamer and streamer customers. We do designs for all type of cause. The Stream & Gamer Animations are just a small piece of what we can create.

Twitch Opener Animation that runs with OBS for Gamers and Streamers

Opener use case in Game using OBS. The Opener blends with the game to get a smooth look.

Opener (Behind the scenes) use case in streams using OBS with video overlay feature.

Looping Background Animation

We got the project to take an image and bring life into it, so we made from the Image a modern chill Loop as Background Video Animation, use case youtube chill video or animation for web use.

Countdown Animation

We got the request to make a modern seven minutes countdown animation for a streamer, it was fun to do it. We like doing also designs for streamers and gamers it’s always a pleasure to work on new ideas.

Want to get your own Designs?

We do more then just Stream & Gamer Animations, we do also film and music designs.

You’re interested in Music Designs or Film Animations?