How to Downgrade WordPress Versions, Plugins, and Themes (and Why)

Did you update/upgrade your WordPress and your theme is incompatible with the new WordPress Version?


No problem there is a quick and easy fix to change your Wordpress Version back. We recommend the Plugin:

All you need to do is install and activate it then visit the official WordPress release page here: leave this page open you need it later in this tutorial.

Go and find the release that was before you upgraded most of the times you want to go back to previous major release if you had WordPress v4.xx and upgraded to v5.xx major release update and your theme was not optimized for this release your WordPress website breaks.

What to do is simply choose the latest Version of the previous major release in our example we upgraded to WordPress v5 Gutenberg and our plugins broke just choose the last major previous release for us it was v4.9.8

After that type the release you want to go back to that you see from the WordPress release page from before. In our example, we used version: 4.9.8 to Downgrade our WordPress Website because the theme and plugins we use weren’t ready for WordPress v5.x.x Gutenberg yet. Version 4.9.8 was the last v4 release before v5.x.x that’s why we used it.


Go to:

Settings → WP Downgrad (in WordPress Admin).

Click on Up-/Downgrade Core and wait a bit

Now click on Re-Install Now Button. Image above. The plugin will downgrade your WordPress site in minutes automatically and your site should work again.

That’s it wait a bit and your site should be successfully downgraded.


Hope you find this useful.


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