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Make your Websites Load Ultra-Fast in an easy way

Host your Website on high-speed servers with Immediate Results.

Why does a website needs to load fast?

Speed is critical to the success of your site because people don’t like waiting around for web pages to load. In fact, a study by CDN service Akamai found that 47% of people expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less, and 40% will abandon a page that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

So you’d think that in response websites are shrinking in file size, right? Not so. Today’s average web page requires users to download 2.2MB worth of data compared to just 702KB in 2010. That’s a 317% increase in size thanks to things like images, videos, scripts, and fonts. This size will grow over time the more content you have.

For who is our Hosting suited

NexusDesigns Hosting is to make websites load ultra fast in an easy way. They are many providers that offer the right technologies but connecting and maintaining all components can be for many users very complicated this is where our hosting comes in play we install everything and configure the servers for your website to make it load super fast wherever your visitors come from with Server Level Caching and Edge Content Delivery.

More people use these days mobile smartphones and tablets to discover sites that’s why your website should load super fast on all devices. Having a nice website that is on a slow server will not get you potential new customers and might not rank well on google. We believe that highspeed web hosting should be easier that’s why we offer our service.

Scale as your business grows

Most of our Infrastructure runs at Amazon web services to ensure the highest quality for all our client’s web applications. Whatever website you plan to run starting from a community site to a large online store that is able to handle unlimited users with fast loading. Your website scales as quickly as your business grows. We are able to scale web applications in a matter of seconds using the powerful Infrastructure of Amazon web services. We got high-level experience in servers and AWS knowledge to be able to connect complex components that talk together to run your business applications at high speed.

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Why Do Our Users Love NexusDesigns Hosting?

“NexusDesigns has very good Servers and great pricing. We recommend them for Websites and Hosting”

88Beats Productions Music Producer & Music Promoter

“Thanks my website is now much faster!”

Eibyondatrack Music Producer

“Very Good quality and great Service I can highly recommend nexusdesigns”

Orion CEO of CodexMusic & Sourze

“Wow, my site went from 15 Seconds loading time to just 4 Milliseconds on average their Servers and Team are incredible and cost so less than my last hosting and it's 15 times faster.”

Pablo Music Producer

“Our website gets many million views every day and we were looking for a powerful and easy web hosting provider. NexusDesigns their Team is unbelievably fast and very professional when it comes to server setups and optimizing websites. We're very satisfied that all our web apps run at nexus designs”

Max CEO of CAP Inc.

“We moved most of our Websites from our old hosting to Nexus Designs because we couldn't take care of server maintenance. We are very impressed by how easy it is to manage all our servers at Nexus Designs.”

Frank CEO at Ionix Music

“We had to get our website moved to a faster server so happy we find nexus designs to do that for us. Highly recommend their service!”

Steve Senior Developer at BW Music

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