Audio Visual / Music Visual

As longtime partners of platinum producer DannyebTracks, NexusDesigns worked with him to create the latest brand’s Audio Visual Animation. It gives viewers a modern new look for all his latest Music Releases. It was a pleasure for us to work with the producer DannyebTracks on its audiovisual animation.

Effect on Video (Hard Glitch Type)

Effect on Image (Soft Glitch Type)

Working closely with the platinum producer dannyebtracks on the brand’s audiovisual concepts through to execution, NexusDesigns conceptualized, designed and developed both the digital effects and physical components for the animation. Building on the 3D type of visual effect. Using Adobe After Effects, and the latest GPU tech from NVIDIA, viewers are transported to a realistic 3D glitch audio driven movement scene for every music release generated based on image or video footage.

Different Image Results

We made the Visual for DannyebTracks with many custom features so every image gets animated differently with new type of glitch effect based on image gradients visual effects by NexusDesigns.

Without Glitch

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Nexus Designs


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