Nexus Designs is thrilled to have collaborated with the music producer Eibyondatrack on the brand’s Audio Visual Animation. The complex visual, has been created as a Glitch driven Audio Animation. It gives viewers a modern new look into a 3D world effect for all it’s latest Music Releases.

Video Glitch v2

Still Frame Glitch

The visual Animation features a complex type of glitch animation that is fully audio driven each effect to represent the style of the branding for the EibyondaTracks Brands latest music releases for their youtube music channel. ‘The complexity of all the moving parts of this visual meant it was like having different perspective views into the world instead of looking into a still image at the same time that dances to the music,’ said our Animation Team while creating the Animation for the Brand. NexusDesigns Its job was to deliver seamless visual effects and polish parts of the audio driven visual to achieve the clients’ vision of a new type never seen before audio driven reaction that brings images into a 3D world. Now the latest Visual update we made supports now also audio driven video effects to make the visual even more interactive in terms of effects and style. As far as the color grade went, each image and video had to have a very different look – almost like every image or video is a different world.  ‘Our task was to come up with individual looks that each acted as one piece which led us create multiple controls and presets for Eiby to simply archive that by switching the presets NexusDesigns created.

Nexus Designs team delivered technically-complex visuals for eibyondatrack which looks different on every music release they publish while bringing simplicity and complexity to a new way together. We’re very proud to work on this animation for the music producer.

All background video footages and images are chosen by the client for entertainment purposes only. We made just the Visual Animations and effects and therefore don’t have anything related to the background videos used in these visuals.

Visual 1 Background Footage from DJ Snake – Taki Taki ft. Selena Gomez, Ozuna, Cardi B – Music Video
Visual 2 Background Footage from Gallant x Tablo x Eric Nam – Cave Me In (Official Video) – Music Video

Music in Visual by
– Eibyondatrack

Audio Visualizer Client
– Eibyondatrack

Audio Visuals Effects
– Nexus Designs

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