Eibyondatrack Web Optimization + Business Mail

Web Optimization + Business Mail for Music Producer Eibyondatrack.

Nexus Designs is thrilled to have worked for the music producer Eibyondatrack on the brand’s Web Optimization and brands Business sales email.

We now make custom emails for your brands and high-level web optimizations. We are thrilled to work with Eibyondatrack to optimize its music brand website and help it rank higher on search engines as well.

We also created for Eibyondatrack his brand sales contact email to make it more professional: sales@eibyondatrack.com

But wait that’s not all! We also helped reduce site loading and we’re able to improve search engine ranking for him by optimizing his music website to the latest technologies. From the statistics the site improved by over 90%. Now potential rappers and artists find his site faster.

How we improved his website speed by 90%

We remade some features and switched his hosting to our Amazon powered Servers to give the website of Eibyondatrack a Bust of 90% this is a huge difference from a before loading time of 27.2 Seconds we got it optimized to 2.6 Seconds in average. This not only makes his website faster not to mention that most search engines including Google rank sites based on loading time. Imagine someone waiting for 27 Seconds just to load one page? This is not reasonable, see why most people close a page that takes to long. We helped him improve its website speed. Also, his business emails run on our mailing servers that provide the highest uptime and reliability using the technologies provided by Amazon and Google. So he never misses important customer inquiries or any type of submission through his website or email. With an instant phone notification for him.

NexusDesigns is specialized in high-quality web optimizations and partnered with Google Cloud and Amazon for our servers to give our clients the best possible technologies available in an easy manner.

By this, we also improved Google search optimization for his website and made sure all submissions run through server-side encryption directly to our Google and Amazon servers to provide the highest quality for him and his client’s. We got his website now also better ranked on Google by optimizing content and assets with suited descriptions.

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